Marketing Yourself


Posted on 6/04/2017 by Jesus Test


1.  Self-belief!
Believe in your talents and that you are worth hiring.  To reach an interview you have pass the first hurdle, interviewers want to like you so relax, smile be articulate.

2.  Research The Client
Invest time in understanding the role, job description and bring these points to the forefront of your CV.  Make notes on the client its competitors beyond their website.

3.  Discover Your Talents!  
Prepare examples and evidence of our added value for a future employee.

4.  Brand Yourself
In competitive markets make sure that you create a unique brand for yourself either expertise within your market place or design wise stand out from the crowd.

5.  Techno Savy
Make sure you keep an eye on market trends and the direction clients are moving into.  Developments within technology, advertising, social media etc.  Things change fast, technology savvy candidate’s ad value to companies.

6. First Impressions Count
Whilst most Creative industry employees wear casual/smart clothes it is worth the effort for a meeting in dressing smartly.  Essential basics - a strong handshake, retaining good eye contact whilst talking, arrive early rather than late (even if it's the fault of transport).  If you experience a delay call ahead, make sure they know if you are held up.  Show initiative!

7.  Aspire
Be the employee you want to be, not the one you were or felt you were pigeonholed into within a previous position. Show your aspirations, skills and you will find the room to grow.

8. Why do you want to leave your current job?
Answer positively, even if this was not the case. A golden rule never be negative about your previous employer.  If you were made redundant, talk about the reasons behind the changes at your company.  Talk about the aspects of the position that were positive, what you have learnt or discovered skills wise about yourself.  Make sure you are fully aware of your notice period any holidays left to avoid any issues once offered.

9. Why Do You Want This Job?
Smile, be enthusiastic, and explain why you are such a good fit for the position.  Sell yourself!  Why are you a good match?  Explain why you like the company i.e. its product, client list, reputation etc.

10. Feedback 
Afer your interview and to your consultant straight after your meeting whilst the details are fresh.

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