Remote Freelance Guide - during Covid-19


Posted on 7/05/2020 by Diane Scally

Creative's Market View

Creative Recruitment believes that in the new post Covid-19 world the immediate impact for companies will be on their permanent headcount hires.  Freelancers with strengths in digital, AI, eCommerce and digital communications will be in demand and a greater force.  Other more traditional sectors will be slower to gain confidence and growth.

Freelancers will in the interim provide cost efficiency and expertise to supplement full time talent; as well as bespoke short-term client needs.  Whilst the impact of Covid-19 on the freelance market was dramatic, some sectors have remained strong during the 'lock down' period.  We are encouragingly seeing some 'green shoots' of recovery within clients already.  With the glimmer of 'back to work' optimism the return to work will stimulate confidence albiet growth will be much slower than previous years.  

As expected, Creative's clients are calling upon their known and proven freelance resources.  However, a number are still open for new recruits.  Clients can be extremely specific in their briefs and requirements, so portfolios need constant updating (ideally in PDF or web format) as generally candidates with proven experience tend to be chosen.  Research the company (their web sites are best for this). 

Creative have seen that Clients are often requesting video or telephone interviews or even setting a brief prior to bookings (even for even short-term assignments) so please be prepared for these requests.

If you have downtime prepare by updating your CV, update your social media presence ie LinkedIn, Instagram etc, research online training skills.

Remember, an upbeat freelancer with 'can do attitude' gets more offers of work.

Follow CR
As we post most of our freelance / contract positions via social media, adverts and our website it is worth following us on Linkedintwitter or signing up to a job alerts on our website 

Your Health
Creative's freelance staff’s (as well as our own team and clients) health and safety is paramount to us. 

If you are ill on any day of your assignment, please inform your freelance consultant ASAP and ideally the client.  Please also, update your Consultant as soon as you are better so that we can help you in finding work.

Covid-19 Illness 
Please adhere to the The Government and The NHS advice on Covid-19.  

Working remotely
Ensure that you have access to all the relevant software needed, platforms and accounts to complete the necessary work.  Please back up all files daily, sending updates of your work to the client as and when agreed.  Please also send the work files to the client at the end of the assignment.

Stay connected with your client contact 
Every freelance assignment will have different requirements so establish with the client how often you need to virtually meet using with Zoom, Skype, etc.  Ensure you are contactable when working via emails or telephone.

Plan out each day
Be organised and set priorities or goals for each day can help you stay on track and motivated throughout the day.

Set aside a workspace
Having a dedicated area helps your work mindset and signals to others in your home that you are ‘at work now’ This will help you concentrate during work hours. 

Have a break!
Research has shown that people who work remotely often end up working longer hours.  Ensure you take regular breaks and a lunch break.  Ideally go for a walk and get some fresh air and exercise.  There are useful apps to remind you to take a break even if to get up from your chair and move.  Avoid eye strain with dark mode settings on your computer.  Ensure that your posture is as comfortable as possible to avoid strains or injuries. 

Have a consistent routine
Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day aids your Circadian rhythms and can help your body and mind adjust and regulate stress. In turn, this will help you be more energised and productive throughout the day.

Some useful freelance information for Creative's candidates on assignments or being booked by us

Creative Paperwork
If you are remote due to the "lock down", we will email you a pack to complete.  This will be relevant to your Umbrella Company or Limited Company to comply with all UK Governmental and laws and HMRC. 

​Right to Work
Creative Recruitment will need to validate your Visa or Passport if we have not validated it in person. not seen at interview.  Please note we will need to sight this once we are back to normal to comply with Home Office Regulations.

Emergency contacts
Please provide payroll or your consultant with two emergency contacts listing their relationship to you and a contact mobile or telephone number.

Creative Recruitment can only pay a candidate via an approved Umbrella Company or a Limited Company accordingly and in accordance to Clients views on IR35.  Please note, Creative are not able to work with offshore ltd companies or to pay sole traders.

A pay slip will be sent to you mid-week and payment made into your account on the Friday of the following week or to your Umbrella company. 

Please feedback on the assignment, either at the beginning and at the end with your consultant.  If you do not enjoy a booking or if you do not wish to return to any clients in future; let your freelance Consultant know and we will make a note not to offer you this again in the future.  Try not to let your feelings known at the booking as you never know when you might run into them again!

Always check whether you are eligible for overtime pay before committing or completing extra hours.   Weekend and overtime work may or may not be paid at a higher rate and you will receive details of this in your booking confirmation email from Creative Recruitment.

Creative’s timesheet portal link

Timesheet deadline
10am Tuesday morning for approved timesheets and invoices.  Please always ensure a client approves your timesheet weekly.  Creative Recruitment will contact the client to gain approval of hours worked. 

Payroll / contract queries or telephone: 020 7422 9057

Creative's main switchboard 020 7 247 3458. 

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact Creative Recruitment if you feel that we can be of help in any way or if you wish to comment or add to this post.  

Most of all, please do everything in your power to safeguard your health and that of others.

Stay safe and see you on the other side!